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  • Master of Arts (Economics)

      Master of Arts (Economics)

      Master's Degree in Economics at Khwopa College offers an opportunity to explore aspects of economic and political institutions that affect the overall development Of the country. Khwopa College is putting its best efforts to produce human resource that is specialized in the field Of Economics. In the Department Of Economics Of Khwopa College, We emphasize the ability Of individual students to analyze critically an the issues of economic problems, Our alumni are offering devoted service in various government and government organizations as well as academic institutions in and outside the Country. The members Of this faculty actively conduct researches in diverse fields.

      The study of Economics lets you: 

      • know how the world works; 
      • get surprising facts about world Economy; 
      • see how politics is guided by principles of Economics; 
      • feel the essence of economics in peoples daily lives; 
      • tackle social, political and environmental problems through economics;
      • understand that economics is a reliable tool to attempt the problems in the society; 
      • learn how to address national and international economic problems learn how to apply appropriate 
      • quantitative methods to a range of economic issues develop a deep understanding of the economy;
      • develop research„ analytical;
      • leadership and creative thinking skills 

      Master of Arts (Economics)


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