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  • Master of Arts (English)

      Master of Arts (English)

      The MA English course is designed to offer students study and insight into literature, language, culture, and history. It aims at developing students' creative, critical, and communicative Skills. The lexibility of the syllabus of MA English offers students different areas of concentration such as language, literature, rhetoric and humanities. The shift from exclusively British and American literature to literatures written in English and to the world of ideas is a significant feature of this course, 

      The course seeks to: 

      • apply traditional and modern iterary theories while reading and teaching literary texts, 
      • train students to use English for effective communication & help them combine literature and creative/critical writing, 
      • maintain a balance between canonical and non-canonical, but multi-culturally important texts, 
      • provide students knowledge of the world and prepare them to comprehend the issues and resolve problems, 
      • cater to students' need of gaining knowledge of literature & ideas, 
      • provide flexibility to the teachers in developing courses of their interests, 
      • include courses focused on recent literary trends that are adopted by major universities of the world, and that are relewnt and suitable to Nepali context, 
      • develop courses that emphasize close reading and relationship among form. content and context, 
      • ensure application of critical theories in the interpretation of texts adopt interdisciplinary methods and approaches. 

      Master of Arts (English)


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