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  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSc ES)

      Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSc ES)

      Environmental Science (ES) is the field Of science that studies the interactions of the physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment and also the relationships and effects of these components with the organisms in the environment. ES is an interdisciplinary field because it incorporates information and ideas from multiple disciplines like ecology, geology, chemistry, climatology, hydrology, sociology, economics etc. ES was introduced in Khwopa College in the year 2058 in the Bachelors Level and n Masters Level in the year 2061 BS. Since the date of establishment, this college has provided the updated knowledge to cater the needs of the generation. Encouraged and motivated 

      to guard their mother earth, students from far and Wide register their names for admission and quench their thirst of sharp knowledge of range of subjects of Environmental Science. 

      Why study Environmental Science at Khwopa College? 
      The only college in Bhaktapur that teaches Environmental Science. Pool of highly experienced faculties. Specialized in range of subjects like Climate Change, Wildlife Management, Water Resources, Integrated Water Resources Management, Sustainable Development and Pollution Control Technologies. Opportunities to participate in multiple dedicated field trips. Experience well equipped laboratories and conduct research. Individual research projects. 

      Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSc ES)


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